Saturday 28 September 2013

Farmer's Wife Catch-up, and R'lyeh

As soon as I saw this canning jar block I absolutely had to make one for my Farmer's Wife quilt. I have officially left the book now, and intend to make any 6" block I fancy until I reach my goal of 63 blocks. Currently on 24, I think. I also stitched up this mini  Sparkle block using a Sarah Jane pirate ship print I bought in London. I'd like to have a go at a few paper pieced blocks for this quilt too, but feeling just a little intimidated by paper piecing at this point. I have a few patterns printed out I intend to practice with though, so hopefully there will be progress there soon.

Last night I taught myself to knit two socks at once on a circular needle. It's not perfect yet, but I'm still rather impressed. Waiting for longer needle to arrive and I'll have another go.

My brother came to visit yesterday and gifted me this rather fantastic painting of R'lyeh, complete with hand finished frame. I love it. I also really really appreciate the fact that it is framed as I am really really bad at finding frames for things myself.


  1. I just started learning knitting socks two at a time one of the magic loops! I've never really knit much of anything before though, so it's quite difficult, but very fun and the reward seems worth the struggle (at least now it does haha, I'll update you halfway through, ie in about a year or two)

    1. I used to knit socks on dpns, but I was never particularly good at it and suffered from chronic second sock syndrome! But I really like magic loop :) Hoping to get a few pairs knitted over the winter. Do keep i up! I find using awesome and excitingly dyed sock yarn helps to.

  2. I love your blocks, your color choices are very fresh and modern.