Saturday 28 September 2013

Farmer's Wife Catch-up, and R'lyeh

As soon as I saw this canning jar block I absolutely had to make one for my Farmer's Wife quilt. I have officially left the book now, and intend to make any 6" block I fancy until I reach my goal of 63 blocks. Currently on 24, I think. I also stitched up this mini  Sparkle block using a Sarah Jane pirate ship print I bought in London. I'd like to have a go at a few paper pieced blocks for this quilt too, but feeling just a little intimidated by paper piecing at this point. I have a few patterns printed out I intend to practice with though, so hopefully there will be progress there soon.

Last night I taught myself to knit two socks at once on a circular needle. It's not perfect yet, but I'm still rather impressed. Waiting for longer needle to arrive and I'll have another go.

My brother came to visit yesterday and gifted me this rather fantastic painting of R'lyeh, complete with hand finished frame. I love it. I also really really appreciate the fact that it is framed as I am really really bad at finding frames for things myself.

Friday 27 September 2013

Birthday Treats and Cozy Stitches

Yesterday was my birthday. Dan and I had spent the last few days in London as a joint birthday treat and we had a fantastic time. Highlights include... the London Dungeon. Birthday fabric treats from The Village Haberdashery, gluten free chili with sweet potato and cornbread from  The Little House Kitchen Camden Market. Gosh brownie with ice-cream from Cookies and Scream Camden. Paella in Covent Garden. Pumpkin Spice Latte. Yo! Sushi (especially the chocolate mochi!) New New Rocks. New epic sock yarn.

Mostly food related, as always. I spent yesterday working away at the Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery Autumn Sampler, with fresh coffee and a pumpkin spice candle to set the cozy mood. I also ventured out to the post depot to pick up a parcel, which turned out to be my Modern Irish Quilter's swap package from the lovely Sarah. She made me an absolutely perfect pincushion with hand pieced hexagons. The back has a beautiful linen print I've always loved but never owned a piece of. And she even include some lovely fabric scraps and gluten free chocolate. Perfect!

Wednesday 4 September 2013

Super Happy Floss Day!

My cross stitching supplies arrived today :) Spent a joyous afternoon winding 56 tiny little bobbins full of pure happiness. I love my floss stash so much. All of them are DMC. The smaller bobbin boxes are tiny little clip-lock containers and the bigger boxes are reclaimed cotton bud tubs. (We get through a ridiculous amount of cotton buds around here.) I have almost everything I need here to complete the three Frosted Pumpkin samplers I'm working on. Plus a secret project I'll probably share shortly (so if you can guess what it is please don't say!) Just need to choose a metallic for the Woodland Sampler.

I'm using linen for both my Woodland and Autumn samplers. I started the frames for the Autumn piece today and am finding working with linen perfectly lovely. Nowhere near as intimidating as I had feared and it looks truly beautiful. I may never want to use aida again!

I'm trying to be a lot more productive these days. Having a fresh hobby to work on is exactly what I need right now and I am so grateful to the fantastic designers who inspire me to keep threading my needles and dreaming my dreams.

Tuesday 3 September 2013

Hello Autumn!

I'm determined to make the most of every day right now. Mostly, I have been cross stitching my Halloween Sampler, and am pleased to report that I have finished the lace border section. Really, ridiculously in love with this, and cannot wait to receive the next portion of the pattern in a few days time. I love cross stitching so much that I have decided to take on the 2013 Woodland Sampler too. Impatiently waiting for the supplies for that one so I can get started.

I made a big zippy pouch for the snap frame I stitch my stitches in. I've been using an 11" by 17" frame that I've had for years. Glad to finally make use of it. I like having the large area to stitch on at home, but I have ordered a new 8" hoop which should be more travel friendly.

Snap frame case has cute little pockets inside for stashing floss and tools.

Stitching my stitches.

My main machine is in the shop this week for a bit of TLC, so all of the sewn items shown here were sewn on my tiny Brother machine. I had never attempted to sew a zip on that machine before, so I'm pretty pleased with it. The Noodlehead Divided Basket was a bit more challenging without a walking foot, but still turned out beautifully. I used Essex Yarn Dyed Linen and Briar Rose fabrics, and added a back patch pocket.

I'm using it to hide a couple of sock pairs in progress.

Hope to have my main machine back soon. And my huge delivery of embroidery supplies. I'm also plotting plans for the Modern Irish Quilter's pincushion swap. Today, I'm going to catch up with some hand quilting before the cross stitch fever hits again.