Thursday 31 January 2013

Dolly Knitting

Last weekend I decided to make a determined effort to finish my dolly-knits-in-progress. I love knitting, absolutely love it. The tiny needles, the stitch counting, my little glass kitty shaped stitch markers. The whole process. Except for the horrid business of weaving in the yarn ends. That's where I tend to procrastinate. A bit like the common problem among quilters of stalling at the actual quilting part. So yes, I'll freely admit it, I hate weaving in my yarn ends. But I would hate even more for my knitting to fall apart,  so occasionally I just make myself do it. Usually by bribing myself with coffee and gluten free jaffa cakes.

So far this week two commissions have been completed, and three more little tiny garments for the shop. Including a new sweater dress which is exactly the style I would wear if I were a tiny plastic person. It has slightly longer then usual sleeves, which are totally necessary this weather. I'm also hoping to be able to offer Middie Blythe sized knitwear soon, just waiting to hear a review of the fit as I don't actually own a Middie.

I have finished my Patchwork Heart Mini Quilt and will get around to editing the photos shortly. I'm obsessed with making minis at the moment, a fantastic way to try out techniques and colour combinations without committing to the time and expense of a bigger quilt. Aiming to keep up the mini production on a vaguely seasonal basis, starting with the Love-Day themed heart block.

Saturday 26 January 2013

Something Fishy

I made another skirt! The idea for this one popped into my head on my freezing cold riverside walk a few days ago. like most people, I am in love with Tula Pink, and particularly her newest Salt Water collection. This collection is particularly special to me though as the giant Pacific octopus is my most favourite animal. I even have tentacles tattooed on my arm. I bought myself a FQ bundle for Christmas (and have since bought a second back up bundle, ahem.) but was lamenting the fact that I didn't have enough of any one print to actually wear it. But luckily, my patchwork skirt plan came together rather well. I used all 8 prints from the coral colourway, plus the sea stripe in blue for the waistband.

My sewing plans this weekend involve a couple of patchwork heart minis. Using AMH voiles, Liberty tana lawn, Madona Road and Carolina chambray. I also found time to make peanut butter and cherry blondies :) Off for another freezing cold walk now, then more happy stitching, blondies and plenty of coffee!

Thursday 24 January 2013

Far Far Away

Hello January! You are mostly bitterly cold, and you make me want to stay indoors and sew quilty things. I've been entirely neglecting the internet this winter. I never actually got around to photographing my second Christmas quilt properly (I finished it on New Year's Eve!) but this week I have my official first finish of the year to share.

My Far Far Away Quilt. Made from my last little stack of Heather Ross double gauze, and some fantastic soft denims. There are a few pieces of FFA linen in there too and just a little bit of quilting cotton.

 Binding is Free Spirit Designer Solid in Chartreuse. I am really enjoying bright solid bindings on my small quilts. I particularly love this bright green with the blue and white backing fabric.

The quilt back is made from one piece of Denyse Schmidt voile, which is amazingly soft and silky, and was a pleasure to hand quilt. I quilted my favourite baptist fan pattern using white Aurifi 12 wt thread.

This little quilt is the softest most inviting quilt I have ever made. It measures 28.5 by 34.5 inches and has been listed in my etsy shop here. I have also listed a few mini quilts and dolly sweaters :)