Wednesday 4 September 2013

Super Happy Floss Day!

My cross stitching supplies arrived today :) Spent a joyous afternoon winding 56 tiny little bobbins full of pure happiness. I love my floss stash so much. All of them are DMC. The smaller bobbin boxes are tiny little clip-lock containers and the bigger boxes are reclaimed cotton bud tubs. (We get through a ridiculous amount of cotton buds around here.) I have almost everything I need here to complete the three Frosted Pumpkin samplers I'm working on. Plus a secret project I'll probably share shortly (so if you can guess what it is please don't say!) Just need to choose a metallic for the Woodland Sampler.

I'm using linen for both my Woodland and Autumn samplers. I started the frames for the Autumn piece today and am finding working with linen perfectly lovely. Nowhere near as intimidating as I had feared and it looks truly beautiful. I may never want to use aida again!

I'm trying to be a lot more productive these days. Having a fresh hobby to work on is exactly what I need right now and I am so grateful to the fantastic designers who inspire me to keep threading my needles and dreaming my dreams.

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