Monday 23 July 2012

A Little Update

I've been missing a lot lately. I haven't given up blogging though, I've actually been composing posts in my head all week. I've been a bit miserable the last few weeks, one of my latest reasons being that my recent fabric orders have been taking way too long, and I was convinced they were all lost. Then this morning the post man brought me 3 packages of fabric, which inspired me to take the camera out and do some blogging. Unfortunately, in the weeks since I've last used the camera I have managed to lose the cable which makes it talk to the computer! Gah!

But at least all my fabrics have arrived safely. My Spoonflower order, featuring Heather Ross' Underwater Sisters and my own custom quilt labels. And some Folksy Flannels and Aneela Hoey yardage from Pink Castle Fabrics. I've given up on quilting temporarily, just until I can afford the new machine. My current sewing agenda involves pillowcases. Lots of pillowcases. Which explains my current buying habit of 2 yard cuts of favourite prints. Enough for a pair of pillowcases plus a generous amount of scrap to be used for patchworking. My current sewing machine is happy enough sewing the pillowcases too.

The house has been distracting me again. On Saturday morning I decided to initiate a major furniture re-shuffle downstairs. The old kitchen dresser has been de-woodwormed and is now in the bedroom. The tallboy that was bought for the bathroom was kicked out of the bedroom and has finally settled in the bathroom. Dan's computer has been moved to the other end of the living room along with the dining table. Which means he is no longer using the giant tv as a monitor. Which means we are actually watching some tv! Result :) I'm sure there will be more rearranging in future, but I am a lot happier with this arrangement than the previous one.

I hope to be back again soon with actual photos of things.

Sunday 8 July 2012


Forever Girls by *teacupfaery*

I'm feeling overwhelmed by everything at the moment. After much thought, I have decided to downsize my dolly collection. This is really really hard, but ultimately I would prefer them to be out there being enjoyed, rather than gathering dust here. These 15 are my very most important Blythe dolls, and will be staying put for the forseeable future. But there are quite a few more which I will likely be making available shortly. My redhaired Kenner is currently not on the forever list, nor is she available. I'm entirely unsure about her. I plan to keep her, but have some work done on her when I can afford it. If there is any other dolly in my current Blythe doll flickr collection who is not on my keepers list, please feel free to contact me re. adoption at my email address or here.

I'm trying to have the same attitude towards my fabric stash. If I love it I should use it, not just hoard it. So this week I made some pillowcases with two favourite fabrics. I also started to actually use my stashed Far Far Away squares. I'm making a cushion cover.

To clarify, dollies available currently are:
Cinnamon Toast ~ Almost Stock Hello Harvest
Nettle ~ Teal nylon reroot Hello Harvest
Lavender Sky ~ Saran rerooted ADG
Leocadia Snapdragon ~ Stock Bubble Boom

Angela is technically Dan's so she'll most likely be staying. Heston Kitten-Biscuits might be spoken for at this point. I'll be updating as necessary. Please do get in touch, I'm in no real hurry for the adoptions so we may be able to find a deal that works for you!

Sunday 1 July 2012

Little Folks Constellation Cushion

July already! I finished this cushion cover last weekend and almost forgot to take a photo. It's a huge cushion cover, made for a 26" cushion pad I don't yet have. I still need to wash it, but I figure I'll wait until I actually have a cushion for it, so it can go straight into service.

I was inspired by Katy's Liberty Constellation and used my precious stash of Little Folks charm squares, as well as some Liberty tana lawn. The background is Quilter's Linen in Straw, with a strip of Moda Bella Solids Citrine. The back is mostly a solid pinky red, with scraps of the front fabrics. The binding is a Loulouthi zigzag which matched perfectly :) I quilted organic straight lines on both front and back. 

This week I'll hopefully be finishing the hand quilting on my sister's quilt. I'm also hoping to sew up a few soft toys, starting with Sammy Squid. I'm planning on using some of my vintage sheet stash.