Wednesday 2 October 2013

WIP Wednesday

So far this week I am trying my best to be productive. My plan at the moment is to work at a bit of everything all at once. I'm currently knitting socks, cross stitching samplers and piecing a new quilt. This way I don't get stuck if I loose interest in any activity. Having a back-up plan means I am less likely to slip back into my skin picking. I had been pretty bad last week and am really really trying to improve on that front. So... more making of the things, yes!

This morning I *finally* finished a month of my Woodland Sampler! The July block is literally all there is so far, but I'm really hoping to get September and October stitched up before October ends. The previous sections will likely have to wait until their month rolls around next year. I'm enjoying living in the right season right now, and don't want to work on Summer until the season feels right.

I'm making a birthday quilt for myself. Bear Paw blocks in my current favorite colors with a low volume background. I have pieced nine so far with lots more in progress. I'd love to finish this quilt top by Halloween and then hand quilt it during the colder weather. I'll be making 29 bear paws, as I am 29 now. With one blank block for a 5 x 6 layout. I work on this mostly at night when it's too dark to cross stitch.

I have a pair of socks for Dan on my circular needles, and a pair for myself on my dpns. They generally get worked on in bed just before sleeping time. I hope to actually finish both pairs in the next week or so.


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