Friday 28 September 2012

Stitching Today

As I may have mentioned here and there, I have recently acquired a much bigger and better sewing machine. I am now the proud owner of a Pfaff Expression 2.0 and so far we are getting on rather fantastically. The main improvement is that I now have the necessary resources to give machine quilting a proper chance. Last week I pieced and quilted a simple crib sized quilt. I'm still waiting for the perfect binding fabric to arrive, then I'll be getting that one finished. In the meantime, the logical thing to do was to piece another small quilt. I'm planning to gradually work my way up to quilting grown up sized quilts.

This little top is almost finished. Inspired by my rather excessive stash of pink and peachy toned fabrics, and a huge piece of Moda Bella Solids Citrine which seems to be ever-lasting. There are still at least 2 yards left! Which is fine as it is my very favourite solid. I'm just happy to be feeling confident enough to jump into a sewing project without over-planning ever detail.

Back to the machine for me. Really determined to get the top done today!

Wednesday 26 September 2012

Today is my birthday...

...and, as a convenient result, I have a new camera :) Thank you parents! Which means I can begin photographing the backlog of things that I have been making these last few weeks. I'm slowly getting to grips with the new camera. It's a wee bit more complicated than the old one, but I think we will be fine.

I have updated my etsy store just now with a few pairs of Blythe Long Johns. I intend to make them available to custom order in different stripe combinations soon too, I just need to round up and photograph all my suitable yarn colours. For now, the finished Long Johns can be found here. I really hope people will like them, because I am rather proud of them, and I love to make them. I only wish I had a Jane sized pair for myself, as it is getting chilly here.