Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Works In Progress

I have finally stopped working on my Marcelle Medallion long enough to take photos! I'm really happy with it so far, though it has become a bit of an obsession, and selecting fabrics for it is turning my studio upside down! I started on Friday and am currently working on border 4 (the Geese of DOOM!) I haven't actually sewn them yet, still cutting out my fabrics, but I am a wee bit nervous!

Anyway, I love this project so far, and am enjoying being challenged by piecing I normally wouldn't consider. The relatively small sections make things like tiny flying geese and y-seams seem achievable, and so far I am achieving just fine. That grey floral print in my centre star background is a Liberty poplin. It's really pretty and adds just the touch of Liberty whimsy this quilt needed. I'm trying not to think to far ahead and select fabrics for each section as I get there, but I do want to incorporate a Field Study Leopard print and more of the hot pink Tula Pink swallows before I'm done. Backing will be my favourite Chicopee print, Heat Wave in Citrine.

Spent a really nice bank-holiday weekend here with Dan. We didn't do anything much. Medallion for me and Minecraft for him. But we did make gluten free caramel shortbreads yesterday. With a particularly decadent marbled chocolate top. That dark chocolate is 95% cocoa! A bit darker than I usually like but it works well with the caramel. Makes coffee time feel like quite a treat!

Back to the studio with me, hoping to finish another Medallion border today!

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