Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Organising Chaos

I'm travelling to the UK again tomorrow. It ha been an on-again/off-again trip for the last couple of weeks. But it looks like it is now most definitely on. Eeek! Totally not ready, but flailing about and trying my best. My first priority is what to do with my hands, both at Dan's parents house and during the long boat and train journey from Dublin to Cheltenham. Not having hand stitching to do simply isn't an option. I don't want to bring my knitting gear as too many items are involved, and at the moment I am at my happiest when hand stitching. 

I decided against bringing the Swoon, as hand quilting an 80" square is way too hard to handle in a small space, so this morning I settled on a back-up plan. I am officially starting another hexagon project! I just need to select a bunch of fabrics to play with. That is actually really hard for me. I really struggle with spontaneous fabric play, as I worry a lot about using too much of something I later find an awesome plan for. But I'm trying to be a bit less anxious about it. It is fabric, and I know I can buy more.

I will be using some 1" hexy papers I have to hand, and I want to use fabrics that feel like summer and sunshine and joy. Definitely pinks and yellows, maybe plum and chocolates. Low-volume mixers. Like vanilla ice-cream with hot fudge and sprinkles. If it were a recipe it would taste like this. Hopefully suitable fabrics will be selected and packed by teatime. I am not even thinking about clothes packing at this point. Still need to pick up some toiletries and snacks from town.

In the interests of providing a sense of structure and organisation for myself, I'll just leave this here....

Janey's Quilty Plans 2013!

~Projects involving fabrics I'm already hoarding which I really want to sew this year.
~ WIPs I really need to finish this year.

~ Over halfway through hand-quilting. I see this one being done by Summer.

2. Hexy MF.
~ Coming together nicely. I'm ok with this one being slow. I love sewing hexagons. Not enough piecing left to justify bringing it on my trip, hence new start.

3. Scrap Republic Volume Quilt.
~ My tiny scrap project. Slowly building blocks for this. 

4. Marcelle Medallion.
~ Piecing progressing. Going to send out for quilting the second it is done. Concerned about wonk but hoping it will quilt out.

5. Pacific Northwest Seascape Fantasy Quilt.
~ Currently a stack of fabrics, inspired by this artist, I'm planning to make this quilt. The back will be Sketch flannel in Coffee, and I will send it out for quilting.

6. Wonky House Quilt.
~ Inspired by 'The 'Burbs' from Material Obsession. Most likely using Denyse Schmidt prints for my houses (and pine trees) and a scrappy low volume background.

7. Giant Star Quilt.
~ This top will become the back for another quilt, probably a scrappy string quilt.

8. Folksy Flannel Patchwork Pillow-covers.
~ For my big square Ikea pillows. Will make simple patchwork squares and machine quilt them.

9. Scrap Vomit Quilt.
~ I pieced this top last week. Planning on backing it in a medley of scrap and making a picnic blanket.

I think that might be everything?

I'll be back home in a week, possibly a few days more than a week. I want Dan to be able to spend time with his family, and a break will be nice. My store is on vacation currently but I'll answer convos whenever I can get online.

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