Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Longest Winter Ever

This time last year it was unseasonably hot. I remember sitting in my yard in bare legs and hot pants, just knitting in the sunshine and feeling blissfully happy. And this morning, March 12th 2013, it was -4ÂșC. It also snowed yesterday.

Things here are going ok. I'm a bit miserable as my thumb nail has begun the slow and painful process of falling off. I squished it in a door frame last Halloween and it's taken it this long to grow out. I basically have no right thumb nail right now, which is slowing down my sewing a bit. But I have just finished my last knitting commission for the moment, so I can give myself more time to get my own work done. My thumb is quite horrific looking. I can't even bear to photograph it.

Hoping to get to Cheltenham to visit with Dan's family at the end of the month. Not 100% sure, but hoping it can be arranged.

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