Thursday, 14 March 2013

Good Things About Today

~ My copy of Elizabeth Hartman's Modern Patchwork arrived!
~ Siddy cat is by my side, and she seems to like the project I'm quilting.
~ Said project is turning out really cute, but its a secret project, so unfortunately I'm not able to share yet!
~ Going out with Dan tonight and have already picked my outfit.
~ New fabric conditioner has made the laundry smell awesome :)

No pictures right now, but wanted to write something anyway. I'm feeling a lot more secure here. It finally feels like Spring is trying to break through.

Something that is on my mind...

I'm considering splitting my blogging in two, starting a more personal blog and keeping his one for the crafty stuff. Not sure yet. Basically, I want to be more open about my skin picking disorder (dermatillomania). This is something I am trying desperately to gain control of at the moment and it feels like the right time for me to come out about it more publicly. I actually feel closer to stopping than I ever have before, and this is making me feel confident enough to talk about it. Also, reading the blogs of others has been hugely helpful to me, and I want to take that step myself. I don't feel in any way ashamed of my disorder at this stage in my life, so I don't want to hide it any-more.  I don't want to force anyone to hear about it if they would rather not, however. Hence the blog splitting plans.

For the rest of today, I intend to make a start on fabric selections for two new quilts, and get some walking in. I'm planing on starting the popular Marcelle Medallion quilt from Liberty Love, as well as an improvisational (and still very vague) idea I have in my head. I'll be using the same low volume prints for the negative space in both projects, so I figured I could work on them together.

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