Tuesday, 26 March 2013

A Little Progress

My Marcelle Medallion quilt this morning. I am currently working on border 5, brickwork. Not too bad, but at this point the quilt is too big to measure easily and getting my borders to the right length is proving tricky. I'm also very aware of wonkiness in the narrow aqua border (border 3). This is causing a bit of a bubbling issue which I really hope will work out once the quilt is quilted. All in all, I love the pattern and I love picking the fabrics for each section, but I'm feeling a bit overly challenged by this project and am looking forward to finishing it and sending it out for quilting.

Apart from slowly building my medallion, I'm doing a lot of reading this week. I was very sad to hear that James Herbert passed away last Wednesday. He was a favourite author of mine and will be sadly missed. I'm listening to 'The Fog' while I stitch my stitches. It might be my favourite Herbert novel, if only because it was the first that I ever read. I always enjoy all his books though. He had a knack for inserting contemporary life into horror which felt perfectly natural to me. Most of the horror I read was written a couple of generations before my time, so I fear the contemporary references are somewhat lost on me. But I think that the little references in Herbert's work leave the reader with a similar sense of normality and comfort to those experienced by contemporary (to the writer) M.R. James readers, for example.

Also in the literary vein, I'm going to see Dan Brown in May :) He will be holding a talk in the National Concert Hall, Dublin on May 20th. Billed a 'An Evening with Dan Brown', I have of course subtitled it (in my head) 'An Audience with Robert Langdon', and needless to say I am stupidly excited! Re-reading all the Robert Langdon novels in anticipation. 

I'm housebound today as I injured my foot walking too hard. Hoping it heals by Thursday as I'm off to Cheltenham to see Dan's family. Totally panicking about this. They run a very tidy house and I'm trying to think of a stitchy project I can bring to work on which won't result in a huge mess. Tempted to bring the Swoon but worried it won't go down well.


  1. your medallion quilt top is outstanding! which fabrics have you been using? the reason I'm asking is you've managed that lovely combination of bright but calm colours and I want some of that magic lol Hope your foots feeling better soon!

    1. Thank you :) Hmmm, fabrics... It took me ages to start my medallion as I felt I should choose my fabrics first, but in the end I just chose fabrics for my centre star and went from there. I picked from fabrics I loved, which I had been hesitant to cut into without the ideal project plan. Lots of Denyse Schmidt in there. Chicopee, Shelbourne Falls and FMF. Centre City, Tula Pink swallows. Pearl Bracelets. The neutral space is made from my low volume fabric hoard, a pile I have been accumulating for the past year. Includes Architextures, Aneela Hoey prints, Madrona Road memoir, some Lizzie House.

      Best advice I have is to go with what you love and let the quilt grow organically. x