Friday, 22 March 2013

Tula Pink Glasses

So, a few weeks ago, just after my London trip, I picked up my new glasses. A glasses update was desperately needed as my old ones were a world of scratches and I couldn't see well through them with the interference. I am extremely short-sighted, as-well as partially blind in my right eye, so I figured I deserve nice glasses. I now have two new pairs, but I think this pair might be my favourite. As soon a I tried them on I fell in love. The remind me a lot of the ones Tula Pink wears. I wore them for the first time yesterday and wanted to show them off, hence being a big brave bear and taking some photos.

A note about photos, and my face in general. At the moment I am going without make-up. Up until this month I would rarely go out in public without using make-up to camouflage my skin blemishes. I would most certainly never have a camera near me or go for a night out without my 'human disguise' as I like to call it. But, as part of operation 'make life better and fix my god-damn derma'* I have quit make-up for now. A few reasons... 

~ Time. My derma takes up literally hours of everyday of my life. I would dearly like to claim some of those hours back for me, so I'm starting with the time I would normally spend hiding my skin damage.

~ I recently had my septum pierced and am worried about make-up related germs causing it problems. It seemed easier just to go without until it has healed. Getting a new piercing was something very liberating I could do for myself, that in itself makes me happy.

~ No longer feeling shame about the way my face/skin generally looks. I know I have caused this damage myself, I totally own that. But I no longer feel the need to hide my problem from other people. I want to be more open in hopes that I can finally break this cycle, and pretending my skin was fine has never really helped.

I'm just going to leave these photos here and run-away for now. It's lunchtime and I'm looking forward to cereal. I'll hopefully be back later to share more about other aspects of my care plan. I have decided to keep blogging here, as I have no wish to separate any of the facets of my life and I really like blogging here.

*Project code name subject to change at whims of Janey with no notice whatsoever.

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