Saturday 8 February 2014

Happy Kitchen Adventures!

This week I have mostly been making gluten free comfort food. It has been ages since I had a burger in a bun. I'm honestly happy without one (a few great burger restaurants around here make their burgers gluten free and serve them in yummy salad bowls), but sometimes a proper burger bun and the whole works are  just perfect. Served with pineapple, bacon, mature cheddar, Jack Daniels BBQ sauce, jalapenos and the absolutely necessary sweet potato mash.

And the next day I made a pizza. Managed to make it look like actual pizza this time, not just bread with stuff on top :) I use a pre-mixed gluten free bread mix and bake it 1/3rd pack at a time to make my pizza bases.

I'm doing a draw-a-day project throughout February, along with my brother and his flatmate. We are 25% through today (eeek!) and I am keeping up so far :) Will photograph my drawings once I'm back from the UK. I hadn't really drawn in years so I'm pretty rusty. I mostly draw food, with smiley faces.

Off to London tomorrow for our Black Metal Valentine's Weekend! So very excited!!!

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