Sunday, 2 June 2013

Weekend Sewing

Popping in quickly to share a bit of what I have been working on this week. Photos are not the best, but better than none at all, I hope. I am seriously trying to gain control of my sewing plans for the Fat Quarterly Retreat, and I am *almost* back on my schedule. I finished my Aeroplane Bag on Friday :) I made the regular size. For the top portion I used a patchwork panel, quilted with cotton batting and a layer of calico, then trimmed to fit the pattern. The bag base and handles are Carolina Chambray. I lined  my bag with the super-bright yellow-green heatwave stripe from Chicopee.

Everything came together really quickly. The most challenging part was setting the zip and then sewing the rest of the side seams. I used a 22" metal zip so I couldn't follow the pattern as written and had to improvise. I sewed the last 1/2" of all the seams meeting the zip by hand, but not before trying (and failing) to do it by machine. Just sewing them by hand in the first place would have been a much better idea. Anyway, I love my new bag and hope to take it on an adventure very soon.

Yesterday I quilted this little quilt top. It is a commission quilt for a new baby, in summery cherry colours.

I quilted it in rows of happy loops in white aurifil 50wt. This is a peek at the back, which is mostly kona snow with a patchwork strip. I hope to get the binding added today and hopefully have some finished photos soon.

Still to do...
~ Finish Sample Swap items. In progress, nearly there!
~ Name tag for my partner. Can't quite settle on a plan for this one, but will get sewing soon.


  1. Oh gosh I love this! I've been drooling over lots of weekender bag pics. Really must make one. This is super inspiring.

  2. I love that bag! So pretty :)

  3. Beautiful work -- so fresh and cheery! xxx

  4. Love this! Was it hard to make? Thinking of making one myself...

    1. Getting the zip installed was a bit fiddly, in my opinion. It does look nice in the end though. If you have a bit of experience with zips you should be fine :)