Saturday, 22 June 2013

Early On Saturday Morning

I love early weekend mornings. I mostly get up first, feed the cat and drink my coffee in peace. Mostly I let Dan sleep in as he's not quite as much of a morning person as me. But today he was sweet enough to come to the river before 8am to help photograph quilts. Awesome :)

 It was pretty cold and drizzly for a Midsummer morning. We spotted a duck pile on the weir. Apparently ducks are not morning people either.

After the quilty photos we went home for bacon sandwiches (with peanut butter and ketchup for me) and hot coffee. The two quilts we took out this morning will be hitting the shop soon, and I'll talk about them here shortly. I have two more baby-sized quilt tops waiting for my quilting attentions this week. Madrona Road Houses, based on this pattern.

And a simple squares patchwork top I'm calling Midsummer Moonlight.

I'm excited to get these two quilted and finished. My machine has been acting up a bit this week though so I'm not 100% sure my free-motion quilting will work out, but I'm hoping it will!


  1. Lovely quilt tops! I can't wait to see the others.

    1. Thank you :) I've finally added the new quilts. I'm really bad at editing and uploading photos, I'd much rather be quilting. Still waiting to be sure my machine is in proper order before I tackle those new tops. Naturally, I had to start a new project to test it out :)