Tuesday, 28 May 2013

My Happy Place

The studio is currently looking pretty tidy. It won't last long, but I am feeling very proud of it right now. Dan hung the Marcelle Medallion on the chimney breast for me, and it looks fantastic. That corner is generally a bit gloomy, and it looks so much better now. I dusted and rearranged nearly everything in the studio yesterday for extra pretties. The Blythe dolls look a lot happier with a bit more breathing space.

Here we have Mary (Queen of Heaven), Providence Candy-apple, Marzipan Dorayaki and Jellybean.

Saint Agnes Eve, Rosaly Rozalia Rasputina, and the wee Russian Folk.

The expedit holds most of my Blythe hoard and my fabric stash, as well as craft books. magazines, some of the yarn and bedlinen. On top lives my quilt stash, fabric scrap bins, dolly clothes in cute metal lunch-boxes, and my batting stash.

I spent last night stitching up some happy patchwork panels. I am *attempting* to make an Aeroplane Bag using only materials I have to hand.

 I love the idea of the soft and stable the pattern suggests, but I can't find any I can afford right now after shipping costs. And I'm dubious about the car upholstery foam alternative (totally unfounded dubiousness, I have not actually poked any, I'm just worried it will have a weird chemically smell and I dislike its grey colour.) So I made my main exterior panels from patchwork, which I quilted with warm and white batting and a layer of calico before trimming them to fit the pattern piece.

I will be using the suggested peltex interfacing for the bag base. Hope to cut the rest of the pieces later today. I'm also planning to change the zip installation a bit as I want to use a 22" metal zip I already have. I really really hope it works!

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  1. I love your medallion quilt - it's just so bright and happy!
    And your room is so tidy - I would be ashamed to post pictures of mine!