Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Hey there!

I'm still here :) Just not been online much lately. My computer reacted badly to a Ubuntu upgrade and I lost the ability to connect to the WiFi. I like to use my laptop upstairs where there is no wired internet, so that was a bit of a deal-breaker for me. Luckily, it is all better now :) Almost. It might be on it's last legs at this point but I really don't want to admit it.

Also, we have been experiencing that thing called the Irish Summer. It strikes hard and fast, with ridiculous heat and beautiful long sunny days. I spent as many of them as possible outdoors and don't think I turned my oven on all week, Salad dinners are the future. Dan and I went to Dublin on Saturday where we enjoyed the perfect lunch at The Counter. I mostly went to Dublin for an interfacing re-stock. but they didn't have my preferred fusible woven type. I did buy some fusible canvas though. Hopefully I'll get time to play with it soon.

I hope to catch up on flickr-ing and such shortly. I am making progress with my Fat Quarterly Retreat projects. Just waiting for an interfacing restock (from the internet this time). Today I went for a doctor check up and left with a bit less blood than I went in with, so hoping someone will make me a delicious dinner soon so I can get my strength back for more stitching.

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