Friday, 19 April 2013

Proper Spring Weather

Today actually feels like spring. Warm and sunny when the sun shines, with short bursts of rain when it showers. I've not been out for the last two days, so today I enjoyed some riverside walking. All of the lovely bits of riverbank which have been underwater all winter have now fully re-emerged and the world looks so much brighter.

I have actually been out to the river twice today. My morning walk managed to coincide with the one shower of the day, so instead of my expected (and much looked-forward-to) sit on a sunny pier, I got to sit on my little wooden island and get rained on. It was still lovely though. Not at all cold out and I love seeing the raindrops hit the river. When Dan came home from work it was lovely and sunny again, so we went back to the river and I had pink lemonade.

This is my favourite spot. A little wooden pier on the river. I like to sit here whenever it is relatively dry. I come up with quite a lot of stitchy plans here.

I brought Threnody with me this morning, but had to put her away when the rain started :( Hoping to take my Blythes out  bit more now the weather is improving.

I'm working on a small quilt this evening. Hoping to finish the top very soon.

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