Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Fabriccy Musings

I have been unusually reserved in my fabric purchasings this year. I'm trying to use more than I buy, but of course that's not quite happening yet. But I am trying to be a smarter shopper. Being fairly certain that I am in love with a given fabric before I buy. The problem might actually be that I love too many of them though. I can't afford to buy everything I love, and I find it really difficult to pick and choose prints when I love the whole fabric line. I'm not sure if it works this way for others, but I fall in love with the whole story of a fabric line and really struggle to condense it without feeling like I'll be missing out on an important element. 

My current project plans are actually helping with my selection thought processes though, as I now mostly want to make various bags and pouches, as well as plush critters. So it makes more sense to buy a 1/2 yard each of my favourites rather than a FQ bundle of an entire collection which isn't really a big enough cut and will rapidly turn into scrappy chaos as soon as I cut anything from it.

 So yes, the new plan is being more selective. And also taking advantage of sales. Any fabric related reserve can go out the window with Anna Maria Honer voiles at $6 a yard. I have always loved the Forest Hills print best (it was actually the first 'designer fabric' I fell in love with) so I was ridiculously happy to be able to stock up, though probably for the last time as this fabric is no longer being produced :( I also bought several yards of the Loulouthi clippings print, possibly for the making of a summer maxi dress for myself. All of these are from Pink Castle Fabrics.

On the same morning as my AMH goodies, my Fat Quarter Shop order arrived. I took advantage of the discounted international shipping and managed to fit a ridiculous amount of fabric in one priority envelope. Result! The shipping sale is good until the end of today. I bought this beautiful forest print from Gypsy Girl by Lily Ashbury, Chicopee Heat Wave and Happy Drawing Barnyard Buddies. I'm totally making a pig plushie out of that one. Tula Pink Turtle Bay is from Pink Castle Fabrics.

Also from Fat Quarter Shop, some brand new non-discount fabrics I had been lusting after  (This is the whole being selective process in action right here!) Basic Grey's PB&J, Raspberry Jam print in all three colourways, and Sunny Day in my two favourites. Also a bit of Sarah Watson's Indian Summer. I am most likely going to need a bit more of that.

Tiny foxes and low-volume forest critters. Eeep! Love! I also managed to squeeze 2 yards of 108" wide neutral cotton into that envelope, which will be the back of my Scrappy Seaside quilt.

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