Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Prince Charming HST Pillow

A few weeks ago I started piecing my leftover HST units from the Swoon Quilt into this pillow cover. I finished it late last week and it now lives with my brother.

The leftover Swoon corner scraps were trimmed down to 2.5" HST units. (You get 144 of these from a 9 block Swoon quilt.) I sewed them into a 10 x 14 square 'Fat Geese' formation. I originally added 2.5" borders all around the pillow front, but it turned out far too big for my pillows, so I trimmed the top and bottom borders down the 1". The pillow is still a bit bigger than the ideal but both front and back are quilted so it looks fine lightly stuffed. In future I would just use a 1.5" border throughout.

Hand quilted in Baptist Fans using white perle cotton.

The pillow back uses more of my favourite frog prince print and has an envelope closure. Which turned out to be a bit too generous as getting a pillow in there is a bit of a struggle. Lesson learned for next time :)

I'm still working away at the patchwork Prism this week. I also hope to have my Siblings Together quilt finished by the weekend. Tonight I'm off to my brother's end of year design exhibition. And possibly a play. Should be a cultural evening all round.


  1. I love my pillowcase! It is now fully arranged on my bed, and I didn't find it too difficult to get a pillow inside it either.

    Thank you!

  2. Beautiful! Love the handquilting and the fabrics :)

  3. Gorgeous - the handquilting is so lovely!

  4. This is gorgeous, the piecing and the hand quilting. Could you please tell me what your background colour is?

    1. Hi there :) My background is Kona Coal, my favourite dark neutral.