Friday, 4 May 2012

Patchwork Prism

This morning I finished the cutting out portion of the Patchwork Prism. Just a few minutes ago I finished laying out all the pieces. They just fit on the floor space in my studio-in-progress, though manoeuvring them into position with nowhere to put my feet has made me quite dizzy. Possibly staring at triangles in various shades of green all morning contributed to the effect too. Anyway, I have eaten some cereal by way of lunch (not at all an unusual occurrence), and I hope to be sufficiently recovered to start the actual sewing later this afternoon. Stage one will be piecing the smaller B and C units into big equilateral triangles.

Patchwork Prism Layout by *teacupfaery*

Things are coming together rather nicely for this project. The studio floor is finished, but the furniture hasn't been added yet, so I have a decent amount of floor space. The piecing thread arrived by post this morning (I've chosen Aurifil 50wt in light grey as a neutral here). And my Dad called round this morning and took me out for coffee, so I was able to get the whole horrid shopping business out of the way before 11am. And I didn't get rained on. Excellent :)

The only slight problem I'm having with this project is how to quilt it. I had originally planned to hand quilt, but the more I look at it, the more I'm thinking I'd love to get it long arm quilted. Which I've never done before, and can't actually afford right now. I'm hoping to enter the quilt-along competition here but the timeline is a bit too tight for either long arm or detailed hand quilting. I'll have to think about it some more and just get on with my piecing for now.

In other exciting news, I've asked my graphic designer brother to help me with a logo and artwork for my various websites and (most excitingly) Spoonflower quilt labels! I'm hoping he'll have something to show me soon.

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