Monday, 21 May 2012

Stitching with kittens

Today was Sid's first experience of a normal weekday in the teacupfaery household. She has proven very distracting since her arrival, and I've only been able to get a bit of sewing done over the weekend while Dan supervised her downstairs. But today I woke up early, Dan went to work, and I gave her free reign of the house while I got on with some stitching. It wasn't long until she found me, upstairs, in my temporary stitching zone.

Now, my other cat, Sophie, who lives at my parents house, is a bit frightened of the sewing machine, and never ever interferes with my sewing. But this little one is fearless. She likes to sit right by the machine and watch me sew, while I sew one handed to make sure I can grab her if she plays with anything she shouldn't. She is obsessed with my pin bowl, and I've been using my kindle to keep it covered. I'm hoping to come up with a better solution soon. I soon gave up and turned off my machine. Sid enters full on investigation mode. And won't stop biting my pressure foot lever. I had to take a photo before I took her down.

And then she fell asleep on my sewing machine cover. She's still sleeping now. Sid is either running around manically, playing, hunting and biting things. Or else fast asleep. She also likes to suckle on my sweater in her occasional quiet modes.

We are trying to get her training off to a good start, but disciplining something this tiny and cute is not at all easy. So far the only rules I'm properly enforcing are...

1. No kitties on the dining table or kitchen counters.
2. No kitties in my face while I'm eating.
3. No biting the humans.

Today I have been working on curtains for my studio. I'm turning this quilt top into a tab top curtain. I'm not entirely sure how its going, as I'm mostly making it up as I go along. My mum is awesome at making curtains, but it involves far too much measuring and hand stitching for my liking. So my basic plan is to line my voile quilt top with a white cotton sheet, sandwiching the tabs between the layers. So far I have sewn along the top seam, right sides together with a 1/2" seam allowance, with the tabs inside. Then I pressed the seam open and pressed again from the right side to get a sharp top edge before top stitching with a 1/4" seam allowance. From here I intend to press the whole thing some more, then turn in a double hem around the remaining 3 sides and top stitch this hem.

Dan and I assembled the Expedits for the studio on Sunday. I'll share some photos tomorrow. In the meantime I would welcome an tips on kitten management or curtain making. 

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  1. Sid is a darling - looks like she is here to stay?