Thursday, 10 May 2012

Patchwork Prism Progress

I've been very industrious this week. I managed to finish my Patchwork Prism quilt top this afternoon. I started the piecing last Friday, and immediately ran into a world of problems. At first I just couldn't figure out why my strips of triangles weren't leaving any space for seam allowance. On the 3rd row I finally figured out a system to make myself line them up right. I then unpicked the first two rows and resewed them. Then I tried to sew said rows together, and non of the points matched, because I forgot that they are triangles, not squares. Gah. My mistake was pressing the seams open in my first rows. Pressing to the side in alternate directions for each row is definitely the way to do it. Anyway, I now know all about sewing equilateral triangles, and this is ready for quilting. And not by me. I'm just waiting for the backing fabrics too arrive and then I will send it to be longarmed. My fingers can't handle another huge quilt right now.

Yesterday I finished my Siblings Together quilt. Jut waiting for a chance to visit my mum so I can wash and dry it. I am becoming increasingly desperate for a dryer here but no room or money for said appliance at the moment. Hopefully my mum will put up with me coming round to use her's for the forseeable future. I finally mastered my (almost) invisible binding stitches on the Siblings Together quilt too. I used this tutorial and am amazed to announce that my binding looks very nearly as good at the back as it does at the front. My whip stitching days are over. I'm now dying to see how it works for English Paper Piecing.


  1. SAw this in the Flickr group and love it! I like the brown/ green with less/no blue - gives a very rich look to it. Well done!!

    1. It does have turquoise corners, with indigo 'D's at the four extremities, but they aren't really visible once its on a bed. It's actually a lot bigger than it sounded on paper, and I love it too :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you :) It's already packaged ready to send to the quilter's tomorrow, I'm already ridiculously excited as its my first time sending out a quilt.