Thursday, 11 July 2013

WIP (Thursday)

Hello there :) These last few days it has been rather hot here. Too hot for sewing in fact. I'm mostly wandering around outside and eating ice-cream. I did manage to make a few quilt blocks and finish my FQR sample swap items though. I'll hopefully remember to photograph my swap items shortly. Still need to prepare my supplies for two workshops, and do all my checking-in-online business. Leaving in one week!

Three more spool blocks got finished this week. I have the 'threads' cut out for lot more, it's the end caps that require a bit of catching up. I'm aiming for 100 spools in all.

I received this gorgeous bundle of fabrics on Monday from Annie at The Village Haberdashery , a prize I was lucky enough to win in Katy's recent giveaway. It arrived in a lovely dotty printed parcel and cheered up my day immensely. The fabrics are from Jenean Morrison's Beechwood Park line with coordinating solids. I love them! They feel like sunny days in the park, paddling in the river and strawberry ice-cream. I'm planning to use them for a summery quilt, quite possibly the St. Louis 16 patch.

My Farmer's Wife book also arrived on Monday, and I have finished two blocks already. I'll write about those tomorrow.

I was planning on writing a list of all my wips with their various status reports, but I'm not quite up to the task right now. It's far too hot for quilting so not a lot of finishing going on, but I may just manage a bit of EPP or some small block sewing.

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