Friday, 5 July 2013


I had grand plans for today. I'm trying to be a more active blogger, and have designated 3 days a week to blog about specific topics. We have...

~ Swoon Sunday...

~ WIP Wednesdays... and...

~ Farmer's Wife Friday (name subject to change, not sure how farmer-committed I am yet.)

Unfortunately my book hasn't arrived yet, so no farming going on just yet. I have been practicing my precision piecing with these spool blocks though, so I'm feeling ready for the Farmer's Wife project. My main plan for the Farmer's Wife (FW) is to use as many pieces of precious fabric as possible, and to keep myself sewing regularly, in small achievable pieces. I have a new squared notebook just for the FW where I'll be drawing my construction plans and recording dates, fabric choices and any other thoughts. My farm journal, if you will. I might be taking the farm theme rather seriously.

No deadline for any of my current projects, I'm happy with organic stitching. Sixteen spool blocks finished so far. Not sure if I like this planned arrangement, or if they need more room to breath (sashing). I really hate sewing sashing though so if I do it would need to be added block by block with cornerstones.


  1. Will be interested to see your progress with Farmer's wife... I bought the book last year, and a layer cake to get me started just recently! I'm trying to make myself finish some other things first though ;-)

    1. I've given up on trying to finish things. I think I work best with everything happening at once. I am close to finishing my Swoon quilt (started January 2012) though. I'm really looking forward to starting my farm :)