Friday, 17 May 2013

This Week

On Monday I will be travelling to Dublin to the see Dan Brown. Most of my time this week has been spent on a rather exciting adventure with Robert Langdon. I'm not quite done yet, but hope to finish reading Inferno by this evening. I was really missing my blog though, and thought I should pop in to say hello. I'm vaguely aware that someone out there might be stalking me for Fat Quarterly Retreat related reasons, and I want them to know I'm still out here. Hello!

I have also set myself a short term goal of one finished object a week, for the run up to the Fat Quarterly retreat. This week I made myself a travel sewing kit for my tools and hexy kit. I used some hoarded Heather Ross prints (part of operation 'use all the fabrics') and some co-ordinating neutrals from Jenean Morrison's 'In My Room' collection. Binding is Sketch in coffee.

I used this travel sewing kit tutorial as a starting point. My main pockets and construction are the same, but I really wanted to incorporate a zip pocket, so my sewing kit is a bit bigger than the original to accommodate this. It measures approx 8" tall by 18" wide fully unrolled. I am completely in love with it and so glad I was brave enough to use those fabrics. Cannot wait to take it on a trip with me.

I have also *almost* finished the do. Good Stitches Care circle quilt for Siblings Together. Just need to finish sewing down the binding and add labels. This quilt will be travelling to London with me in July to be delivered to the Siblings Together team.

Once I return from Dublin, I'll be getting on with my FQR name tag swap, my sample swap sewing kits, and a super tote for me.

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  1. Your quilting looks fantastic on the Care Circle quilt! And perfect binding colour!