Sunday, 10 February 2013

Weekend Adventures

Weekends around here have been a lot more fun lately. I think I am finally feeling more settled and am able to handle a lot more unexpected adventures than I used to be. I woke up yesterday morning with no real weekend plans, but by midday Dan, Aurora and I were on the bus to Dublin. Turned out my sister Sarah and her friend had the day off too, so meet-ups were had.

 Aurora in our capital city. I tried to show here as many sights as I could but photography conditions weren't optimal. But this shot is my token gesture of tangible proof. For my part in the Travelling Blythe Experience, I feel it is important to make the traveller a part of our real lives, and the real culture to which we belong. I am avoiding anything that might be considered stereotypically 'Irish' if it doesn't fit with the way I live. I have bonded with this little one over shared hours of horror movies, heavy metal and riverside walks. We like overcast skies, warm sweaters and a bottomless sea of coffee. I am overwhelmed by the things this dolly has seen. This whole project is truly amazing.

No trip to Dublin would be complete without a trip to Gamer's World. Dan bought some books and I picked up Cthulhu Gloom. Then we explored Chapters epic book-store  We stopped at the Foam Cafe for coffee. Sadly the gluten free cake was all gone for the day, but Sarah's cake looked delicious. And my cappuccino was amazing. Definitely want to come to this beautiful cafe again.

Ended a fantastic day out with a rum and coke at The Grand Social.

Today I am keeping warm indoors, sewing and planning burgers for tea. I'm also excited about the likely-hood of a trip to London with Sarah and my mum very soon. More details soon I hope!

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