Monday, 4 February 2013


I'm not sure what to do with myself today. It's cold and windy out, and all I want to do indoors is take photographs of some finished mini quilts, but the light isn't quite up to it. Aurora the travelling Blythe has arrived in Ireland! She is a beautiful custom Thumpety Thump and I will be her guardian for the next week or so. Hoping the weather will allow me to take her outside shortly. Here she is by my dolly shelves, settling in.

I've been experimenting with scrappy-trip-along blocks over the weekend. I made two pincushions using 1.25" strips, so each square ends up just .75" finished. (Using decimals for imperial measurement feels entirely wrong, but fractions look too messy in type, so I'll stick to decimals. Hope they are clear enough! I am much more comfortable writing in pencil than with keyboard. Quieter too.)

Anyway... pincushions! I might be in love with these. They'll be headed to the shop soon, just need to finish up the photos. I chose the patchwork fabrics to co-ordinate with backing fabrics I wanted to use. Each pincushion measures approx 5.5" square and is stuffed with polyester toy stuffing. I used some adorable cotton twill tape with measuring tape print to make little loops at the top of each cushion, should you want to hang them or attach some tiny scissors.

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  1. She looks lovely with your girls :)
    I've so far avoided getting addicted to the scrappy trip along but I'm not sure how long I"ll be able to hold off LOL