Sunday, 8 July 2012


Forever Girls by *teacupfaery*

I'm feeling overwhelmed by everything at the moment. After much thought, I have decided to downsize my dolly collection. This is really really hard, but ultimately I would prefer them to be out there being enjoyed, rather than gathering dust here. These 15 are my very most important Blythe dolls, and will be staying put for the forseeable future. But there are quite a few more which I will likely be making available shortly. My redhaired Kenner is currently not on the forever list, nor is she available. I'm entirely unsure about her. I plan to keep her, but have some work done on her when I can afford it. If there is any other dolly in my current Blythe doll flickr collection who is not on my keepers list, please feel free to contact me re. adoption at my email address or here.

I'm trying to have the same attitude towards my fabric stash. If I love it I should use it, not just hoard it. So this week I made some pillowcases with two favourite fabrics. I also started to actually use my stashed Far Far Away squares. I'm making a cushion cover.

To clarify, dollies available currently are:
Cinnamon Toast ~ Almost Stock Hello Harvest
Nettle ~ Teal nylon reroot Hello Harvest
Lavender Sky ~ Saran rerooted ADG
Leocadia Snapdragon ~ Stock Bubble Boom

Angela is technically Dan's so she'll most likely be staying. Heston Kitten-Biscuits might be spoken for at this point. I'll be updating as necessary. Please do get in touch, I'm in no real hurry for the adoptions so we may be able to find a deal that works for you!

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