Monday, 23 July 2012

A Little Update

I've been missing a lot lately. I haven't given up blogging though, I've actually been composing posts in my head all week. I've been a bit miserable the last few weeks, one of my latest reasons being that my recent fabric orders have been taking way too long, and I was convinced they were all lost. Then this morning the post man brought me 3 packages of fabric, which inspired me to take the camera out and do some blogging. Unfortunately, in the weeks since I've last used the camera I have managed to lose the cable which makes it talk to the computer! Gah!

But at least all my fabrics have arrived safely. My Spoonflower order, featuring Heather Ross' Underwater Sisters and my own custom quilt labels. And some Folksy Flannels and Aneela Hoey yardage from Pink Castle Fabrics. I've given up on quilting temporarily, just until I can afford the new machine. My current sewing agenda involves pillowcases. Lots of pillowcases. Which explains my current buying habit of 2 yard cuts of favourite prints. Enough for a pair of pillowcases plus a generous amount of scrap to be used for patchworking. My current sewing machine is happy enough sewing the pillowcases too.

The house has been distracting me again. On Saturday morning I decided to initiate a major furniture re-shuffle downstairs. The old kitchen dresser has been de-woodwormed and is now in the bedroom. The tallboy that was bought for the bathroom was kicked out of the bedroom and has finally settled in the bathroom. Dan's computer has been moved to the other end of the living room along with the dining table. Which means he is no longer using the giant tv as a monitor. Which means we are actually watching some tv! Result :) I'm sure there will be more rearranging in future, but I am a lot happier with this arrangement than the previous one.

I hope to be back again soon with actual photos of things.

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  1. i wish i had some pilowcases made by you, for the new home. We don't have a new home yet but we've been visiting some flats for rent. I will write to you soon. xx Tati